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International Accreditation (IAS - USA) & National Accreditation (NABL- India) as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Operating from Bangalore, India since 2002 & Continuing International services too... for the Objectives of Measurement Managements Systems Through Calibration, 3rd Party Inspection, Training & Development...

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International & National Accreditations.





Calibration services for Multi Product Calibrator, DMM ( 8½ digit to 3½ digit ), Oscilloscope, Power Analyser, High Voltage upto 100Kv, AC / DC Voltmeters / Ammeters , Resistance meters ( Micro ohms to Tera ohms), LCR meters, IR Breakdown Testers, Timers, Counters, Generators, etc.


RF & Microwave upto 40GHz

Calibration services for Spectrum, Signal, Modulation, Network Analyzers, Signal, Function, Pulse, Transient, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, HF Counters, RF Amplifiers, Filters, Attenuators, LISNs, EMC Receivers & EMC Instrumentations, etc.



a) Calibration services for all dimensional measuring instruments, Gauges, Measuring aids, Jigs, Fixtures, Special custom made Gauges, Primary / Secondary standards & master equipments.

b) 3rd party inspection services for all types of manufactured components/products by products inspection report / CMM reports based on drawing using CMM, VMS, roughness tester, Re-Engineering activity by providing 2D & 3D data in Dxf / igs format.


Mass & Weights, Volume - Torque - Force

Calibration Services for Mass - Weights( E1 ) .

Balance ( Ultra Micro to 3000 kg ).

Volumetric - Glasswares and Micropipette.

Force - Push Pull gauge, Spring Balance, Load Cell, UTM ( Force, Displacement, Extensometer, Speed ).

Torque - Torque Wrench / Driver and Torque Sensors / Meter.

Hardness - Shore Hardness Tester , Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell Hardness Testing Machines.

Fluid Flow - Liquid Flow ( @ site and lab ), Air Flow , Anemometer.

Specific Gravity & Viscosity - Hydrometer, Flow Cups , Zahn Cups



Pressure - Vacuum - Vibration - RPM - Luminosity

Pressure & Vacuum - All indicated in website to be retained along with that need to add - Magnehelic Gauges, Barometers, Altitude Chambers

Acoustics & Vibration - Tachometer, Centrifuge, Sound Level meters, Vibration Meter, Vibration / Bump Test Machine.

Optical - Illuminance / Lux / Light Meters, OT Lights / Light intensity measurements.


Temperature ºC & RH (-196 ºC to 1200ºC & 0.5% RH to 95% RH)

PRT & SPRT with Readout.

Thermocouples, Thermo hygrometers.

Dry block Calibrators, Liquid bath Calibrators.

Autoclave, Incubator, Climatic Chambers, Furnace.

IR Thermometers.


Bio Medical

Calibration services for Infant Ventilator / Suction Machine / Spot Light / Radiant Warmer, Nebulizer, Bp Apparatus, Dental X-ray Machine, Chairs, PFT, TMT & Phototherapy Machine / IABP unit, EEG (NEURO) Machine / ACT, OT light / Mobile Light / Doppler, Cautry, Torniquets Machines, FLUID Warmer, Ultra Sound Therapy / De-Fibrillator, Short Wave Diatherapy, Sternal Sow Motor, Electrical Stimulator / ENT Drill Motor, PHACHO Machine, EO Gas, Hemotherm, Flash Sterilizer / ENT Light Source, Portable Ventilator / Endoflotors / Pace Maker / LET, CPM, Interx


On Site Calibration

Calibration services for Mass - Weights Balance 3000 kg, Environmental Test Chambers, Vibration Test Systems, Bump Test Machines, Centrifuges, Low & High Test Temperature Test Chambers, Automated Test Systems / Racks, Thermal Shock Test Systems - where the mobility of systems demands on site calibration.

3rd Party Inspection Services


Critical Complex Mechanical Systems - CMM

Inspection & Acceptance services with CMM & Rapid-I Vision systems, enhancing the speed and accuracy of measurements.

Training and Skill Development

Technical Training - Knowledge Enhancement

Quality Management Systems / Measurement Management Systems

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Consultation services for New Accreditation ISO 17025:2017 for Testing and Calibration Laboratories:

* Guidance for Implementing Documentation & Records ( Quality & Technical ).

* Trainings on ISO/IEC-17025:2017(Awareness, Internal Audit) , Technical Trainings (Hands on training on calibration) , Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty.

* Conducting Internal Audit.

* Assisting from the stage of application till final assessment NC Closure.

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Enpowering / Supporting Industries by equipping / deployment of Trained Manpower for enhanced and timely deliverables.


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